Bell's Folly

A large town on the Komma river, founded by Odrysian cossacks in the year 4876 to search as a strategic choke point thanks to its location on the Road. It is the capital of the Vychegda Principality, an Odrysian vassal ruled by the Vychegda family, currently headed by Aeriot Vychegda Surrounded on the north, east, and south by the fetid marshes Willow Wash it is provided substantial protection from the forays of the neighboring steppe hordes, which include the Tlingits to the south, and the Mergids and Kayzars to the east, though thrice it has been sacked and burned, only to recover thanks to mercantile forces that flow across the great wooden bridge that allows passage across the Komma river, that runs directly east of the city. Though founded by a mere 300 Odrysian cossacks it is now a formidable polity of its own right, holding sway over a significant hinterland of small hamlets and fortifications, which in Candlekeep, Vilsby, Paddermore, Bergaumort, Rottam Parrish, and Paledorf.

The city was named for Bellaxander Lussaine, a Svergian adventurer commissioned by the Czar to set up a way point in the midst of the wilderness to protect the growing flow of merchants flocking to Odrysian ports. Of the 300 founders, 164 died of malaise and dwindle pox, while 50 more died from raids by the native residents of the Wash, the Sprugti. This momentous death toll earned the settlement its name, yet despite the ominous start the town has grown consistently, regardless of its trials.

Notable Residents

Aeriot Vychegda, Rufus Halldeck, Death and Taxes

Bell's Folly

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