The native residents of the Willow Wash, the Sprugti are a race of sentient, bipedal frogmen. They maintain a largely closed and isolated existence in the rugged quagmire of the inner Wash, where the trials and travails of the outside world rarely affect them. They build enormous mud pyramids in which they entomb their dead and rare valuables, including their rotted, mummified corpses, a tradition brought from far away lands.

Their origins are unknown, but that they entered the Komma river basin at the turn of the 3rd century, as the local empires collapsed and the river permanently overflowed its banks. They constructed a great capital based around the pyramid known as Hoxhoxpa. The pyramids arose and fell constantly to the vigorous erosion of the environment, and their secrets were oft sunk below the mud, hidden from sight. As time bore on Hoxhoxpa was abandoned, and its location forgotten. Nevertheless the Sprugti thrived, until the Weakening Pox swept in from the east along the Road, devastating the population just as the Odrysians arrived, headed by Bellaxander Lussaine. In the wars that followed the Sprugti were displaced from the southern half of the Wash, and lost control over the Road. Isolated villages remain scattered throughout even the southern reaches, but the heart of the Sprugti people has shifted northwards to Cocahokia, great capital of the race. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt a hundred times as it sinks into the mud even as greater, higher temples are built on the horizon.

In 4961, the city welcomed the fall of APOLLYON’s Comet, seen as a divine message from their matron goddess, Yaarghosshod. Shortly afterwards the arrival of Death and Taxes spelled tragedy for the city, as they incited civil war among the high priests before stealing away Hoxhoxpa itself, unearthed by the trials and research of Tallest’Haaxpuut, a powerful priest and popular demagogue.


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