Willow Wash

Stretching from the verdant and wild Tlingit Vales across the breadth of the steppe lands to the edges of the Hyperboreal Forest, the Willow Wash is a vast region of swamps and marshes, dotted with mud mounds, ancient cypress stands, and beneath the mud lies a long and oft forgotten history. The Sprugti call this region home, though in truth they emerged from places unknown and migrated during the turmoils of the turn of the 3rd millennium since the rise of the first tower. As well as the Sprugti are Odrysians, Tlingits, Mergids, and a host of other minor parties and factions.


Native fauna include Bog Vikings, Will-o-Wisps, Leech Magi, Bile Snails, and many other oddities.

Notable Settlements

Bell’s Folly, Candlekeep, Grendlekeep, Vilsby, Paddermore, Rottam Parish, Bergaumort, Hoyla, Paledorf, Cocahokia, Ixta’pop

Willow Wash

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